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With the event of the “new normal”, we realize that the old traditional methods of living are rapidly fading away. The business culture no longer needs people to congregate in a specific physical location; social life is quickly shifting towards a no physical gathering arena as social distancing has now become the other of the day. The market space is gradually but significantly widening as a bridge that used to connect goods and services to end buyers has been burnt by the event of global pandemic COVID-19 which no longer permits the exchange of goods and services to be done with physical proximity. What’s worse is that the only platform that was left standing that created the possibility of social gathering was schooling and rather more unfortunate than not, this arena was most affected than all other sectors as it was more than all, the most vulnerable to contacting the virus because it cuts across all age segments, thus, making learners more predisposed and liable to contacting the disease.

Now the big question arises; should learning stop because physical gathering of people in schools has been prohibited? Obviously not. And this is where Digolearn steps in.

Digolearn being a platform where we offer learning opportunity in an online community, giving individuals, schools and institutions the opportunity not just to learn but also to teach online at the comfort of their homes and within a specific time frame, is best suited to both learners and instructors.

Digolearn also supports in software management that will enable individuals, schools as well as organizations cope with the new and increasingly changing technologies. In addition to that, Digolearn has a team of well trained online instructors both nationally and internationally and a cream of IT and software engineers to facilitate and make the work easier.

Our hardware supply services are equally top-notch committed to providing high quality gadgets suitable for this new and exciting venture. Not only are these gadgets durable, they are equally affordable and price friendly.

Remember our goal remains to create a better virtual schooling environment, upgrading school security and management systems as well as creating jobs both directly and indirectly.

Choose Digolearn and trust me, you are just a click away from having the world in your hands.